Brand Profiles

The first stage of a properly structured product placement campaign is for the client to brief NMG on its brand’s target consumers, ideal ‘placement scenarios’ and, as importantly, any ‘no-go’ areas. This demographic information ensures that NMG will allocate product to on-target programmes, characters and scenes.

Script Analysis

NMG evaluates TV/Film scripts, synopses and character profiles every week for its clients. By doing so, we ensure that our placements comply with our brands’ ideal placement scenarios.


NMG commissions over 1,000 sq ft of warehouse space in a dedicated Aylesbury based ‘picking and packing’ warehouse. From this base, orders are compiled and productions get supplied via courier or personal studio visits by NMG Executives.


NMG’s database of productions logs every product supplied to every production. Whenever pertinent, we collect items when the production has wrapped. Typically, this will be for consumer durables or entire cases of grocery products.

Personal Shopping

If an FMCG client is unable to deliver product to our warehouse, we are happy to purchase relevant lines, in bulk, from Booker Cash & Carry or a Multiple Grocer.

Creative Guidance

A ‘made for TV’ poster is a valuable placeable prop for NMG. Our experience in what works, and what doesn’t, means we can provide expert creative and design guidance to our clients in producing the ideal set-dressing poster.


Every production supplied by NMG is recorded and tracked on our Avid based Digital Edit Suite. This means that we are able to quickly, and accurately, report on our clients’ appearances, as well as compiling share-of-voice data for competing brands.


Every NMG product placement is evaluated in a similar way that a media agency would evaluate spot advertising for its clients. By doing so, our clients are provided with a media value for their appearances in a ‘language’ with which they can identify. Further, in a business world increasingly reliant on return-on-investment, we provide transparent, quantifiable analysis which justifies their spend several-fold.


NMG is proud of its post-placement reporting service. We provide monthly and quarterly reports which summarise every production supplied, together with subsequent broadcast exposure and media evaluation. Stills footage is emailed, often next day, on .JPG or .MPG format, and CDROM’s compiled for client showreels.


NMG is happy to meet with its clients at all appropriate points throughout the year. Further, we welcome any opportunity to present our credentials within client or agency departments, or at appropriate seminars and events.