Virtual Market

NMG tracks and evaluates every brand across the range of programming. This enables us to provide share-of-voice analysis for a brand within the ‘virtual’ marketplace.

Brand Modernity

Product Placement provides the opportunity to associate a brand with numerous high profile TV productions and films.

Brand Familiarity

A brands’ range of marketing activities is complemented by year round presence in TV shows and films, thereby keeping the brand ‘familiar’ to the viewer.

Celebrity Endorsement

Product Placement can align a brand to viewers’ favourite actors, eg, “Tom Cruise wears Ray Ban sunglasses so I will too”.

Complementary Marketing

Product Placement should be used as well as mainstream advertising and PR activities. It should not be viewed as a substitute to another marcoms activity.

Switch Selling

NMG continuously promotes its brands to the production industry. If a competitor brand is scripted, we endeavour to ‘switch’ this brand for one of our own.

Competitor Exclusion

NMG’s placements not only achieve great coverage for the brand, but also prevent competitor brands from obtaining broadcast coverage.

Internal PR

Certain NMG clients circulate stills of its placements to staff to highlight a different and exciting marketing activity, and to Sales reps who promote examples of NMG’s work to the Trade.

Brand Relevance

NMG works on c.250 productions pa. Therefore, whether a brand is new to the market or has been established for decades, we will source every pertinent placement opportunity.

Media Value

NMG has 20 years’ experience in offering this cost effective, accountable proposition. Refer to our Case Histories section for examples of how product placement can represent some of the best media value on a brand’s schedule.