Our Approach


The BBC and OFCOM Producer Guidelines do not allow payment to be made to secure brand appearances. However, the reality of producing TV programming is such that brands and branded locations do have to appear to:

  1. Create realism, by replicating real life
  2. Shorthand the characters’ attributes
  3. Set times of day – e.g. the milk and cereals of breakfast time, the aperitif of early evening
  4. Create scenes whereby differing characters can interact frequently in various combinations, that is why the soaps have so many cafes, pubs and corner shops, all of which have to utilise brands for authentic realism

Controlling the appearance of brands to avoid overt “plugging” is a function of the Production Team, watched over by the TV stations’ Compliance Officer, with the risk of high fines from the OFCOM, if they get it wrong.

NMG Product Placement founded the “free prop supply” methodology nearly two decades ago, to ensure our clients brands get the best appearances, stay within the letter and the spirit of the guidelines, and build a “human bridge” from the brand to the key production industry decision makers. NMG Product Placement ensures “top of mind” brand awareness and that decision makers understand the brands’, and their extensions’, contemporary positioning and usage.

The “free prop supply” methodology centres on making an “instant, free of charge offer of the free provision or loan of a wide portfolio of brands, delivered right onto the set, on the day required. NMG has a specialised logistics contract with Transaction International – who currently manage our inventory of 128 brands, making 300 shipments a year to over 250 separate productions at over 20 studios throughout the UK.


Film does not have to follow any guidelines, other than those of good creative taste and avoiding disenchanting audiences with gratuitous brand appearances. Many people think that millions of dollars change hands to get a brand on the silver screen. That is simply not true. A large number of brands appear through “free prop supply”. Why? Because whilst a movie may have a $40 million budget, by the time you get down to the budget for set dressing, or locations, or vehicles it may be measured in a few tens of thousands of dollars.

Thus, saving money through free props, or getting a brand led company help you recreate the brand of the future, or an ice cream parlour location, or a bar makes all the difference. Your NMG fee includes “free prop supply” film placements as well as television.

At the top end of the film scale, because blockbusters like James Bond, have such a predictable success and audience at script stage, that companies will pay $10,000 to $50,000 entry fee, followed by rolling out a tie in promotion of $10m to $100m, when the film is released.

Given your brief we can search and manage this type of placement plus promotion, and extend the search into the Hollywood dream factory as well. Many British films, like Tomb Raider, Love Actually, Notting Hill and Thunderbirds which we recently worked on are made at Pinewood or one of our nearby studios. They can offer relatively low cost opportunities for placement plus promotion, either with exploitation in the UK alone, or UK + other territories. Given your brief, management fee and budget availability outline, we can advise and implement.