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How film franchises and book adaptations make great brand partnerships.

Franchises: The timeless movie formula

When a brand is looking to get on board with a potential partnership or product placement deal with a production, they are keeping everything crossed that the film will be a success. However, even in Hollywood, there are no guarantees; a movie with an esteemed director and A-List actors can just as easily be a flop at the Box Office.

With this in mind, book adaptations and popular franchise films are the closest thing to a guarantee that exists within the industry because they often have an established fan base and proven success. In this article, NMG explores just why franchise films and adaptations create effective brand partnerships.

The Franchise in Hollywood

Films that have already proved themselves at the box office and grossed vast sums of money are an easier sell to executives and producers, who may well be fans of the films themselves, or have children that are.

These popular franchise films are well known, who hasn’t heard of Twilight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission Impossible, Harry Potter, Fast & Furious, Jurassic Park, Spiderman, and of course, the iconic James Bond?

Adaptations in Hollywood

Brands are equally attracted to another type of franchise for similar reasons: the book-to-film adaptation.

As with film franchises, executives are much more likely to sign a project off when a script has been written from story lines and characters that have had proven success in novels. If the book has had some acclaimed success, such as appeared on bestseller lists then this is even more appealing because the material has already generated a large amount of consumer interest and sometimes global readership.

The Great Gatsby film adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel is a great example of a studio and brand success with its partnership with Moet & Chandon Champagne proving that the book–to-film adaptation need not be from a modern writer.

Success Stories

Great adaptations in recent years include Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels all of which have been massively successful films grossing a whopping $781 Million worldwide.  Amazon have now continued the Jack Ryan spin off with an original TV Series. Who could forget Fifty Shades of Grey? A book which caused a social media explosion and set eyebrows raising across the world with over 78 million book sales. The studio knew full well this global frenzy would translate into box office tickets, and the film offered a wealth of opportunities for luxurious, adult brands such as Audi, Omega and Apple.

Helen Fielding’s bestselling book Bridget Jones’s Diary and subsequent sequels have all been made into fantastically successful films by Working Title with brands such as Samsonite, Clearblue, Apple, Tiffany, Samsung and Sainsbury’s amongst others all benefiting from a star turn.

Other Working Title films adapted from novels such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and The Snowman have also provided great opportunities for brands.  2018’s eagerly anticipated Red Sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence is based on a bestselling novel by Jason Matthews of the same name.

Book adaptations not only do well at the Box Office but are increasingly popular when shown on TV or SVOD with Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, JK Rowling, writing as Robert Galbraith successful Cormoran Strike series not to mention other drama’s that started off as books but have been very popular in 2017 such as Apple Tree Yard, SS, Alias Grace, SS-GB and The Boy With The Topknot. These films and high quality exportable dramas also tend to get recognised at the awards season, often sweeping up multiple accolades, allowing brand managers to sit back and reap their rewards from the productions success.

It’s A Guarantee!

Well …… almost! The closest thing to a guarantee that Hollywood can give you anyway.

There are currently over 100 book title adaptations in development, so studios are getting ready to sign cast, polish their scripts and of course, await some fantastic potential brand partnerships to come on board.

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